Business Owners & Professionals

Small business owners and professionals face unique financial challenges, as their personal and business situations are closely linked and their personal success depends heavily on the economic viability and success of the business. Our team’s specialized expertise and services to help small business owners and professionals plan and coordinate their financial affairs for maximum results is what we do best. We work with your accountant to create sophisticated tax strategies and customized financial plans. We will also help with your plans to leave a legacy for the next generation or transferring your family business to the next generation. Let’s get the conversation started!



Financial Planning for Executives & Professionals

Many small business owners retain our team to act as personal consultants to the executive staff as part of the overall benefits program. Owners recognize the value of using a consultant who understands small businesses to advise executives on all aspects of their financial plan, including: tax, estate, retirement and investment planning.
Based on a personal assessment, our team can offer you a full and unbiased money management and portfolio service tailored to your risk tolerance, time horizon and investment objectives.



Retirement Planning for Business Owners

Business owners and executives have a unique opportunity to increase their contributions to a retirement program beyond regular RSPs. In addition to enhancing tax-efficient retirement savings for executives, these programs allow for increased tax deductions to the corporation.
We can help you explore whether a Retirement Compensation Agreement (RCA) or an Individual Pension Plan (IPP) may be right for your company.





Business Succession Planning

What do you dream of?

If you’re a small business owner, a family business or a small private corporation, you’ll need to plan for the succession and continued success of the business in order to address the “what if” situations between principals and family members.
Our team can work with your other professionals to help formulate a succession plan and address each issue relating to that plan. For example:

  • Our team can assess your current group insurance plan and make recommendations regarding available options––like disability carve outs––to increase protection for executives on a tax-effective basis.

  • If your business has a few “key people” who play a critical role in delivering results, our team can help you to provide insurance against the loss––death, critical illness or long-term disability––of such a key person.